About using callback

Since yesterday afternoon, our server has not received a callback from samregi when the merchant operates the hand-held terminal to occupy the table, cancel the use of the table, check-out and other operations.

What is the reason for this?, Then how can I cooperate with you in troubleshooting this problem?, And how to avoid similar problems in the future?

In addition: up to now, the test environment still has this problem.


  • @vito

    We apologize for the inconvenience.There was System trouble on 12/4.

    The problem has now been resolved.

    Please try the operation again.

  • Hello, today's "2021-12-13 17:27:28" and yesterday's "2021-12-12 20:51:59" failed to place an order.

    After investigation, it was found that the callback was not successful.

    I called the interface to check the end time of the table, which were "2021-12-12 20:53:03" and "2021-12-12 20:31:55" respectively.

  • @vito


    I'm sorry to hear that you can't fix the error.

    Please give me the following information.

    ・Which functions are you using?


    ・How does it work normally?

     Example:When you place an order, the information flies to your table.

    ・What problems have occurred this time?

     Example:An error occurs (specific error message)