about printers

The order of the waiter store can be placed normally but the receipt cannot be printed. Under what circumstances will the order not be printed?

Order id returned from placing an order: "01FV9SWW13V22BF1AGDD4C546N"


  • @vito

    If you are unable to print receipts from the waiter app, please check the following.

    ▼Printer settings

    ・Check if the IP address and default gateway are set correctly.

    If you can print receipts when ordering from the app, but not when ordering from the server, please check the following.

    ▼Settings on the waiter management screen (Waiter management screen > 店舗(store) > 店舗一覧(store list) > 店舗名(store) > 印刷(print) >)

    ・Can you check the 「接続確認(connection)」 of the global port number of the "プリンター(printer)"?

    ・Check if the global IP address of the "サーバー印刷設定(server print settings)" is correct.

    ▼Router settings

    ・Do you have an IPv4 connection?

    ・Check that the port mapping settings are correct.