Get the token from the production

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how can i get the token from the production environment?

I have tried in postman with no results:{contract id}/token


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    The way you did it with POSTMAN is right.

    If you want to use the platform app in the production environment, you need to add that app to your account.

    [HOW TO]

    (1) Open "利用状況"

    (2) Enter the account for the production environment in "利用契約ID" field

    (3) Click "アクティベート"

    (4) You will receive an email to your registered email address, so authenticate it

    Once authenticated, you will be able to obtain a token, so check it out.

    ※I'll delete it after resolving the issue because it contains personal information.

    So I'd like to hear back from you after I confirm.

    From now on, if your personal information is included, please send an email to

  • thank you very much.

    but can you attach a picture of the tutorial?