After the order is placed, the amount of the dishes is inconsistent with the amount of the receipt

Smaregi management page, menu price is set to 310

After the user places an order by scanning the code on his mobile phone, the order amount displayed on the Smaregi management page is 280

This has caused losses to businesses, and businesses hope to give reasons.

We checked the interface, settings and other information, but we didn't find the reason. Would you like to check the reason?

Order Request Interface Parameters:

{ "id": null, "menuId": "1337", "quantity": 1, "menuType": "normal", "name": "50 塩ゆで枝豆", "customContentId": null, "customContentName": null, "memo": "1669124152968", "toppings": [] }, { "id": null, "menuId": "1336", "quantity": 1, "menuType": "normal", "name": "51 冷やっこ", "customContentId": null, "customContentName": null, "memo": "1669124151091", "toppings": [] }