How to get payment method?

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Hi Smaregi team,

Smaregi PAYGATE supports multi payment methods like credit cards, electronic money, and QR code payments...

And I want to know which method be used? I check deal acquisition API ( GET /transactions/{id}) , and see on the response of this API including "denomination"

Is this mean payment method?

If it is payment method, what is response value if the payment method is QR code?

If it is not, please help me know how can I check the payment method?

Thank you so much!


  • @miniique_suzuki

    You can check the payment method at denomination and cardCompany.

    You can also check cardCompany.

    The value of denomination depends on the Payment Service.

    List of PAYGATE denomination(as of 3/21/2024)

    • A1:クレジット
    • A2:銀聯
    • E0:電子マネー
    • E1:交通系IC
    • E2:WAON
    • E3:iD
    • E4:QUICPay
    • E5:nanaco
    • E6:楽天Edy
    • 00:QR決済
    • 01:Alipay
    • 02:WeChat Pay
    • 03:LINE Pay
    • 04:d払い
    • 05:楽天ペイ
    • 06:PayPay
    • 07:Origami Pay
    • 08:au PAY
    • 09:メルペイ
    • 10:AEON Pay
    • 11:ゆうちょPay
    • 12:はまPay
    • 13:YOKA!Pay
    • 14:OKI Pay
    • 15:J-CoinPay
    • 16:QUOカードPay
    • 17:FamiPay
    • 18:Bank Pay
    • 97:銀行Pay
    • 98:Smart Code